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Last updated 14, March 2001 

  AudioConvert v1.1


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The complete audio solution!

  Current version: 1.1.245
  Single-user License: $29,95
Size: 5923 Kb
Platform:Windows 95/98/NT
Windows 2000/Me
Last update: March 14, 2001

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AudioConvert is a professional solution for converting, ripping, transforming and recording all types of audio files.

Some features of AudioConvert include:

Converting WAV, MP3, WMA, GSM, G.726, RAW, VOX, ACM, ADPCM, and DSP audio 
Change settings of each audio file: Frequency, # channels, Bitrate, VbrQuality, etc.
Playing audio files of type mentioned above, and Audio CD's.
Grab Audio CD's to WAV, MP3, WMA, GSM, G.726, RAW, VOX, ACM, ADPCM, and DSP 
Get AudioCD Track information with CDDB (Internet) or CDPLAYER.INI
Transform audio file's: 
[Amplitude]: Invert, Reverse, Silence, Amplify, Normalize, Mix, Fade, Vibrato
      [Delay]: Delay, Resample, Flanger, MultiTapDelay
      [Filter]: LowPass, BandPass, LowShelf, HighPass, Notch, HighShelf
      [Equalizer]: 12 band equalizer
      [Generate]: Sin Generator, Pulse Generator, Noise Generator

Record audiofiles to MP3, WAV, VOX, RAW, or G.726
Buildin Mixer & Equalizer
Read/Write Audio files information (WAV/MP3/WMA TAG)
and many more!

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Also available: AudioWriter


With AudioWriter you can create your own customized Audio CD's.

Easely drag & drop your music-tracks from all your Audio's CD's, or convert WAV/MP3 files to the right format to write on your CD!

                 For more info on audiowriter, look at www.audiowriter.com!

AudioStudio Bundle


Only $49,95

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